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Room Spray 100ml bottle - Blend for Clarity
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Fabulous Aire™ Room Spray is a handy companion to the Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser. It comes in a 100ml size that can be kept in a handbag, luggage or in the car. It is ideal for travelling, for use in public places, confined spaces or for emergency use to quickly remove bad odours. This handy accessory:

Uses fragrances derived from therapeutic essential oils

Freshens, revitalises and purifies the air

 Removes bad odours, filling the area with a fabulous aroma

Disinfects the air, killing airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi

Lasts up to two months depending on use

Is ideal for travelling, small spaces, vehicles, hotel rooms, public bathrooms, offices, etc.

Fabulous Aire™ Room Spray can revitalise and disinfect the air in areas of 12-20m².  Simply spray 2-3 times for an invigorating fragrance that lasts 30-40 minutes

Purifies, disinfects and removes stale smells while rejuvenating, refreshing and increasing mental alertness.  For Mental Exhaustion and Concentration