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Corn chips NON-GMO and Organic 80g
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Made with organic corn and de-flavoured coconut oil and that's all!

Hand-Cut  then fried in de-flavoured coconut oil, we offer you the healthiest chip on the planet. Turn them into Nachos, have them plain as a snack or enjoy with a bowl of Guacamole and Salsa.  Available in 80g or 250g.

Quickest and best Nachos ever

Cooked beans (I love black, white or red beans or all 3 best!) - you can use canned beans - just drain

Leeks - dry stir fried

Tomato Puree with Mary-Ann's veg stock (about 1-2 tsp per Litre) and add 1-4 tsp raw honey or fructose powder

Place all 3 ingredients in a pan and simmer until hot

Remove, pour over Sunflower seed or cashew nut mayonnaise (see sunflower seeds on this shopping cart)

Stab the dish with  corn chips all over until as full as you like - then bake in a medium oven until the mayo looks like grilled cheese and the chips are roasted