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Barleylife powder 360g (12.7oz)
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AIM BarleyLife® is an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. The power of BarleyLife is found in the nutrients of young barley leaves. This was found by Dr. Yoshida Hugiwarra to be the most nutritious of all the green edible plants.

BarleyLife is cut at the optimum height for nutritional content and juiced within an hour to prevent oxidation and loss of nutrition. It is spray dried at room temperature and brown rice dextrin is added in minute quantities to stabilize and prevent nutrient loss.

Research has found that green barley juice is abundant in enzymes, essential amino acids, and is rich in antioxidant ability, anti-inflammatory activity, immune system support, and cholesterol-lowering effects. The result is a feeling of total wellness.

This is an essential product for everyone of all ages especially the young, pregnant women, older people and everyone in between

  • Helps maintain whole body health
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Provides increased energy
  • Helps the body control inflammation
  • Improves hormonal function
  • Improves eyesight due to high levels of antioxidants Lutein and zeaxanthan 
  • Offers unique and powerful plant antioxidants like Superoxide Dismutase and others known to protect the body from heavy metals, cigarette smoking and hetero-cyclic amines found in barbecued or grilled meats