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9-Day Detox – The Fast Start
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The Natural Way to healing and detox in 9 Days.


This 9 Day Detox came about as a result of seeing how many people’s immune function and health improved and were motivated to eat better and be healthier, using the AIM products.

This program is designed to increase the process of healing, repair and detoxification and may lead to weight loss (even if you are underweight). 

This is the body’s way of dealing with unhealthy tissue and cells.  In time you can follow on with 21 Day Natural Way to Detox and Healing program and 30 Day Maintenance program for healing.

This will allow healthy rebuilding of your body and can only take place when the body has dealt with all unhealthy tissue.

The products used in the program are from AIM and for more information on ordering directly from AIM, please contact info@naturalway.co.za.   


You can follow the program without these products, but are more likely to see results sooner using them.          

Those not wanting to lose excess weight can also use this program as a detox program. I suggest you do not use the natural appetite suppressant like Cranverry which contains Garcinia.

As on all detox programs, there is likely to be some weight loss; to limit the loss, increase the quantities of food.


  • Herbal Fiber Blend powder
  • Barley Life powder
  • Cranverry (30 vegetarian capsules)
  • Glucochrome (60 vegetarian capsules) 
  • Redibeets (250g powder)
  • Propeas

  • Optional Just carrots (400g powder) Not included

We recommend that for healthy lifestyle principles that you read “Perfect Health – The Natural Way” by Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer