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Tissues Environmentally Safe (Oxygen-bleached) 385g
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Big, strong and safe for delicate noses - won't make your nose red or raw with frequent blowing- chlorine free

Our Green  paper is made from sugar cane waste fibre (bagasse) with an elemental chlorine-free process.  Wood fibre used is sourced from sustainable and well managed plantations.

This paper is ideal for people who have Candida issues, infections, itches, stinging or are trying to avoid these issues

You can order in single or double ply for your comfort.

Ideal for use where septic tanks are in use and for anyone concerned about the environment. This is the safest toilet paper to use in South Africa.

  1. sourced from local suppliers, many of whom are previously disadvantaged small sugarcane growers
  2. energy-efficient – unlike woodfibre, bagasse does not need to be chipped
  3. locally sourced, avoiding the greenhouse emissions of long-distance transport
  4. conserving resources through the use of alternative fibre
  5. protecting nature with a paper that is biodegradable, acid-free and recyclable

promoting sustainability by using FSC-certified wood fibre and paper produced in South Africa