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Excalibur Dehydrator 4 Tray
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The Excalibur 4 tray dehydrator is the smallest model, ideal for starting out and small budgets. This model has 4 removable dehydrating trays, a built in on/off switch and an adjustable thermostat.

Any time you have more of a fresh item than you’ll use or eat, PRESERVE it NATURALLY with an EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR 4 TRAY!

Dried fruits and vegetables are just the beginning:

  • Preserve fruits and vegetables quickly and easily
  • Make healthy snacks and crackers as a delicious alternative to junk food snacks
  • Make fun and flavourful fruit rolls that are good for you
  • Save money on your food bills
  • Homemade dehydrating eliminates preservatives, additives, low grade salt and unhealthy fillers normally added through mass production

Did you know……dehydrating is the oldest form of food preservation!

Benefits of an Excalibur dehydrator

  • The trendy design compliments any kitchen.
  • The Excalibur is versatile, from dehydrating fruits to vegetables.
  • Adjustable temperature compared to other dehydrator that have standard temperature settings that are not gentle enough for produce that should dry at a lower temperature.
  • The heating element and the fan are situated at the back of the dehydrator. The warm air is dispersed evenly resulting in even drying of all the trays. No tray rotation necessary.
  • Dehydrating trays can be removed to create more space.
  • Square design – no hole in the tray as found in dehydrators with a round shape. Maximum drying space.
  • Non-stick ParaFlexx sheets for your more liquid items such as fruit rolls and crackers. Other dehydrators use solid sheets which results in food sticking to solid sheet, crumble and possibly break once the food is completely dry and you attempt to remove them for storage.
  • Any time you have more of a fresh item than you’ll use or eat, PRESERVE it NATURALLY with an EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR 4 TRAY!

    Additional information


    • 4 Polycarbonate trays with polyscreen inserts.
    • Tray size: 28cm x 28cm
    • Built-in on/off switch
    • Adjustable thermostat: 29.4C – 62.8C
    • Convenient removable door
    • 10cm fan
    • Dimensions: 22 x 46 x 36 cm
    • 220v/240 volt, 50/60hz, 220 watts
    • CE safety certified and RoHS compliant
    • Made in the USA

    Efficient vertical flow system:

    • Less drying time
    • Ensures even drying

    Parts and accessories included:

    • Mini drying guide booklet

    Optional extras:

    • Excalibur ParaFlexx non-stick sheets available in the "Accessories" category

    Available colours:

    • Black


    • 2 year warranty on the electrical parts