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NATURAL HEALTH Intermediate Module
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NHN I 201 - Carbohydrates and our energy needs.

• Our best sources of carbohydrates and our true carbohydrate needs.

• Refined sugar - does it really give you go and what are the side-effects of overloading with concentrated energy foods.

• Good and bad carbohydrates - which ones take energy away from us and which ones give us true energy and why. Wheat and gluten intolerances - is there a difference and how to cope with it.

• 'Carbo-loading' - how to go about it the natural way.

NHN I 202 - Protein

• What is protein and why do we need it, how much protein we really need and how often we need it.

• The problems associated with a diet containing too much protein or too little protein.

• Our best sources of protein and why?

• Vitamin B12 – the controversial vitamin and where we get it from?

• Different types of vegetarianism.

• The role protein plays in body-building

NHN I 203 - Fats

• The role of fats in our diet and why we must never completely cut them out.

• Also, fat digestion, fat storage, weight problems and how much fat do we need.

• What are good fats and bad fats?

• Our best sources of fats. Essential Fatty Acids - their importance in aiding the body to function properly.

• Cholesterol and the role it plays in our body (including fibre, Vitamins and exercise).

• Diseases relating to fat absorption and metabolism.

• Fat and the Immune system; fat and the Lymphatic system

• Trans-fatty acids, sucrose polyester

NHN I 204 - Vitamins and Minerals

• The roles vitamins and minerals play in our diet.

• Complete list of all the major nutrients

• Free radicals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and picolinates.

• Our best sources of vitamins and minerals, including ‘organic vs. inorganic’, photosynthesis, chlorophyll etc. Supplements - wasting money or necessary in these modern times. Our true needs of certain nutrients like zinc, potassium, magnesium, etc. Calcium - Are dairy products really our best source of calcium and does this source of calcium prevent Osteoporosis? Also covering our true needs for calcium and the damage those dairy products can do to unborn children, children and adults and the health related problems.

• Vitamin and mineral destroyers

NHN I 205 - Exercise

• The role exercise plays in the body especially the effect it has on the endocrine system.

• The effect of exercise on degenerative disease especially diabetes• How much exercise and what type of exercise?