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NATURAL HEALTH Foundation Module
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NHN F 101  : The science behind Natural Nutrition

·         Covering works by Drs Hay, Shelton, Jennings, Beiler, Meyer, Carrington, McFadden, Florence Nightingale, Hypocrites etc. as well as the latest research in Europe, Britain, South Africa, USA and China.

·         The Hippocratic Oath

·         What is health and can anyone be truly healthy?

·         The role of acid and alkaline foods in the body and how to find the right balance.

NHN F 102 : Diseases of the 20th Century

·         Candida, M.E. or Yuppie Flu, Lupus, Rickettsia, Glandular Fever, Epstein Barr, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, AIDS and other immune deficiency diseases etc., as well as the three biggest killers Cancer, Heart diseases and Diabetes; how to slow down and stop these degenerative diseases.

·         Aids: What is it and what does it have in common with Yuppie flu and the common cold.

·         How a change in your diet and lifestyle can improve your Immune function and the symptoms related to these conditions. Practical guidelines are provided.