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Healthy Kids Book (hard copy)
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After battling for many years with constant ear infections, tonsillitis, allergies and a host of other problems accepted as childhood ailments, both Mary-Ann discovered how simple and easy it is for children to attain glowing health.

By following the simple, natural principles outlined in this book, you too will spend less time in the doctors waiting room and more time enjoying the rewards of raising a healthy family.

What is it about?

Mary-Ann offers easy-to-follow, practical advice on a range of subjects, from preparing your body for pregnancy, to nutritional guidelines for babies and toddlers. There are useful tips for ensuring that your growing child copes with the demands in the classroom and on the sports field, and a sound plan for helping your teenager through a painless adolescence.

This is the best natural health hand book you can have through the child rearing years - make sure you keep it close :)