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Concentrate for Revitalizer 250ml - Geranium
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The fragrances used in Fabulous Aire systems are selected for their pure, fresh and delicately soothing qualities. The essential oils contain aroma therapeutic and anti-microbial properties which are essential when cleaning, revitalising and sanitising the air with this system. Distilled to the highest standards, they can soothe and relax, providing assistance with respiratory health conditions as they improve the quality of air we breathe.
The swirling motion of the filtering water and air in the Fabulous Aire system unlocks these fragrances and oil molecules, releasing them into the air around you. To enjoy these wonderful benefits and enhance your mood and sense of well-being, select one of our fine aroma concentrates below:
Balancing, uplifting and restoring of body and mind.
Depression, Eczema, Nervous Tension and Sore Throats.