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Zeolite Powder 500g
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What is Zeolite Powder? Natural Zeolite Powder is the one substance you can’t afford to be without in today’s world of increasing toxic food and water sources as well as EMF, Cellphone and Nuclear Radiation Exposure. Zeolites are a natural crystal that just happens to be nature’s most potent natural detoxifier. They are so powerful that they breakdown Nuclear Radiation; including, Cesium 137, Iodide 131, Iodine 131, plutonium.


EMFs from your household appliances and cellphones can cause radiation poisoning and cancer in humans and animals. Zeolite helps against these too. Zeolites also remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminium and nickel to name a few. If you have amalgam dental fillings (filled with mercury) then please take some zeolite Before & After you have them removed!


Zeolite Benefits are many and it can restore lost energy and health that is being sapped by toxins like heavy metals, radiation, viruses, pathogens and cancer cells. 

Detoxes Heavy Metals (radiation, fluoride, mercury) from your body

Shrinks tumors and heals from cancer naturally (highly alkaline)
Brings healthy alkaline balance to your body
(disease needs and acidic body)
Restores lost energy and mental clarity

Internal use:: Start with 1/4 tsp and work up to 1tsp-1Tb in water.  External uses: Laundry: ½-1 tsp per wash load with a small amount of our laundry soap powder, or may be used as a detergent substitute.  More may be used for heavily soiled fabrics.   Bath/Hot Tub - 1 tsp. Helps to neutralize radioactive components and metals in tap water.