Gluten-free Products

Gluten-free Products

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Gluten-Free Pasta Spaghetti 375g

Better than the any pasta - light and delicious Made with 100% rice flour. Boil rapidly for a..


Gluten-Free Rusks 500g

Tea isn't tea unless there's something to dunk in it.... And for those on a gluten and sugar free di..


Millet White Dehulled 1kg

Millet is that tiny seed we usually feed to birds. It grows naturally in Africa requiring littl..


Millionaire's Short Bread 100g (2 squares)

Melt in your mouth Vegan (contains raw honey) Gluten Free Shortbread; with a layer of mashed dates a..


Oats Gluten-free 500g

They are called "Bumped Groats" because it is the whole oat (the "groat") that has been "bumped" onc..

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