Mary-Ann's Podcasts

Plagued for many years by ill health, Mary-Ann Shearer embarked on a personal quest for a common-sense approach to health and well-being. Her intensive studies into nutrition and natural lifestyle over 30 years led her to develop a simple yet highly effective program that produced un-imagined levels of health and vitality. The first to benefit were her family (who have not had a doctors bill due to ill health since 1986) and friends, and after several years of one-on-one consultations, she wrote the book The Natural Way - A Family's Guide to Vibrant Health (22 reprints and updated to Perfect Health - The Natural Way in 2011) Since then, Mary-Ann has helped many thousands of people to understand and correct their lifestyle-related problems, thereby building a valuable database of case studies that backs her on-going research.

Mary-Ann has also published three recipe books (each a compilation of over 300 recipes developed during her popular cookery demonstrations). Her books have been run-away best sellers, outperforming all other natural health titles in Southern Africa. Healthy Kids-The Natural Way was released at the end of 2001 to wide acclaim and recently updated. Perfect Weight-The Natural Way was released in August 2003 and has had record sales to date. Take Control, written by both Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer was released in May 2005 and is set to match the extraordinary sales record of its predecessors. Perfect Health –The Natural Way was released in 2007 in the USA only and is fast becoming a best seller. Perfect Health was released in South Africa early 2011. Mark and Mary-Ann have produced 36, 3-hour DVD’s in which various health and lifestyle issues are discussed, awesome healthy, easy to make food is prepared and the most amazing success stories are told. These are available on line. Further books are in the pipeline, including a full colour recipe book on healthy entertaining, a definitive reference work entitled The A-Z of Natural Health. Together with her husband Mark, Mary-Ann runs seminars on “Finding the Balance”, “Take Control” and “Sex, Drugs and Cinnamon rolls” subjects covered in detail in their book Take Control. They are presently working on a DVD series and “Fit 4 God” For people who realise that they need to be well to be able to fulfil their purpose and calling in life. She also contributes to numerous magazines, journals and radio and TV programs on an ongoing basis. Mary-Ann has, over the years, addressed many diverse groups of people throughout the world, from farmers' wives in the heartland of South Africa, to professional medical people in Houston, Texas. She is in demand as a motivational speaker and regularly addresses groups at business seminars, schools, churches and various associations like the Cancer Association. She also appears frequently on national television and radio and had her a regular slot on national talk radio 702 for many years. Mary Ann visits UK and the USA regularly where she fast becoming a speaker in demand.