Edna Schoeman

All About me

After having lived in South Africa our whole lives, my husband and I along with our then 12 year old daughter, emigrated to Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia in late 2009, and then in January 2011 moved across this vast country to a place called Bunbury in Western Australia.

I have been a Natural Way consultant for a number of years now, and am thrilled to be the first consultant in Australia and really looking forward to helping others here in our new country to also benefit from the Natural Way. In fact this whole move would not have been possible before I changed my health by changing to a Natural Way of living.
I am passionate about healthy eating and other related health matters, especially after having personally experienced the difference it has made in my own life. My entire hormonal and nervous system has improved so much that I have been able to cope with an international move and experience exciting changes in my life.

I do dietary assessments and my recommendations will include suggestions of what is lacking in your diet, removal of what your are currently taking into your body that is harmful for you, together with an improved lifestyle and exercise programme.

Overcome current health problems naturally
Prevent future health problems for you and your family
Feel great and have more energy than you thought possible.

Initial consultation: $80 (approx 1,5 hours long)
Follow up consultations: $50
Recommended: 3 X consultations @ $150 Once off payment
Consultations can be done via email, skype or facetime. Please contact me for more details…


Mobile: +61 45 065 6669
Landline: +61 8 9796 1653
Skype: edna.schoeman
E-mail: edna.schoeman@gmail.com