Natural health consultants

Our Natural Health Consultants have done the comprehensive Natural Health and Nutrition course, plus the intense Natural Health Consulting course and are rigorously tested and assessed before being listed on our website. They are committed to a healthy lifestyle in their personal lives and have each walked a road with their own and/or family’s health.

As a result they have the practical life experience that can help you on the road to awesome natural health.

They are trained and have learned to help you find the cause of your problems, not diagnose or treat symptoms.

They can help you with a personal face to face consultation, as well as by email. Please contact them only between the hours of 10am -3pm if making contact by phone or anytime by email. They are able to help you in any part of the world by email.

In the initial consultation they will ask you to fill in a comprehensive health assessment form. This needs to be done prior to the first assessment to enable them to research your case in detail and be ready to help you. This first session takes at least one and a half hours.

You may require 2 more sessions and you should see a marked improvement in your health with these 3 sessions and then be able to take control of your health and have a clear understanding of where you are going and how to get there.

It is essential that you have read my (Mary-Ann Shearer’s) , The Natural Way or Perfect Health – The Natural Way before you contact the natural health consultants.

so that you understand and are committed to a natural lifestyle, so that you do not waste your time or money.

I pray that God gives you the motivation and desire to make the changes you need to help you live an abundantly healthy life!

Kind regards.